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It's hard to find the wherewithal to support some one/action that touts a program that is like all the other programs said to do good things for ?people/?Earth, but is really the same - trying to get noticed to be accepted.
Jones's has been program that fits the capitalist model, using non-union labor, consuming 'green' materials - better than not but to what end - still consuming in order to get ahead; often in urban 'removal' situations, from where poor people have had to move out because they couldn't pay the bills there.
...and the Ella Baker Center urges hip-hop recording by performers who then go out onto the street seeking buyers for the plethora of production of discs; seeking success for individuals which must leave other unsuccessful performers behind, the typical capitalist kind of effort.
...imagine their disappointment... their outpouring of effort to little avail....
Theirs amounts to a step up from begging. Production of excess goods for sale is capitalism - competition is central.
Jones' solutions mimic the customary consumerist effort to profit.
Jones keeps his job administering putatively helpful programs - helpful because he, like Obama - has an engaging self-assured attractive manner. He got patted on the back often enough, mostly by white sympathizers, that he felt he had something going.
Now, out in the real world he's faced , as is Obama, with the facts of who owns us and Earth, for which not Jones nor Obama benefit.
The workers are hired temporarily from the armies of the unemployed, left without jobs again when the work at a site is done; with minimal if any opportunities to advance with income, security, general comfort at work. All the factors that make jobs unattractive in this society, except for how desperately we need them for survival and hope accrue to these jobs as well.
Jones keeps his job by syncretizing - going along - leaving left-directed objectives so he can at least get concession from the system. Capitalism is not a victimless crime. It's abuse of us - of labor, and of Earth -
But you KNOW that.
Jones is not a bad-guy. He's tried what's possible - for him and for as many as can connect with him. It's in the usual tradition of a successful business here.
But his work is not the heroism claimed for him.
The support that follows him MUST claim that we cannot create justice out of what amounts to crass commercialism - this work being slightly less crass than some other work. ...although, we all see the constant call that this venture is green, is healthy, is caring for the broad interests we have - much as is claimed for U.S. military ventures throughout the world.
(There actually could be a good result among the horrible ones, from U.S.'s bombing slaughter, Earth-murder by war.
I wonder if that good result could have arisen by another means than U.S. invasion-attack....?)
It's next to impossible in this society to stick with the original plan, as Jones might actually have thought a while back - to build socialist struggle. Maybe he thinks that's what he's doing.
It's necessary to give up those initial honest principles, as does this kind of effort, in order to get the limited success it has.
But there's no achievement in obtaining profiteering success for a few people. It goes on all the time - for a few people. The rulers, our Owners are not stupid. They're the best students of Marx; they have classic educations, so they'll know exactly how to keep the yoke on us.

Kelpie you are kidding yourself. These aren't the fundamental reasons why Van Jones was dumped.

Are you secretly hoping 911 wasn't an inside job so that your life can go on as normal?

The reason Van Jones was dealt with like this was to make an example of him, of course. This is an obvious warning showing what will happen to you if you publicly raise questions about 911.

Love Alison

"...questions about 9/11 and wanted a new investigation. When that many people still have questions about such a major event, the wisest course is to open another investigation rather than let those questions fester and contribute to public distrust. Tom Paine would have supported an independent investigation. Why not?"

Because they let it happen.

They interfered with terrorism investigations before the event, even forcing out top FBI investigators like John Oneill.

Because the US government has supported terrorism for 200 years, and 9/11 was no exception. The windfall that followed made it inevitable. "Terrorism" replaced "communism" as the new boogey man, and even a corpse like Bin Laden can be indefinitely trotted out to provoke the mooing masses.

You should probably read this:

The Facts About the 9/11 Attacks

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