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Hi Kelpie! nice to see you here. So, China for example has the one child limit( how do they enforce that again, what happens to those who break that law?).

Do you think this is a solution for the rest of the world? Voluntary is good, but what about those who are not able to manage this?


BTW...I would like to see everyone just chill out on the blame and finger-pointing thing. I have been an activist, put in my time on the environmental front and support lines, and the one thing that really gets me, and is super old, is that some people working for change are continually playing the doom/gloom/fear/anger game.

I got over this, I take responsibility for it daily, so I know it is possible for everyone(not meaning you Kelpie). Please.

Anger is a poison, a suck of energy and a distraction that we all need to get over. It hurts us, and is a colossal waste already precious energy.

Real solutions are what we need now, and the love to implement them with.

Thank you for this article, and you are right we MUST, but with good cheer. take care Lisa

Dear Lisa,
Thanks for your comment. When I write about population issues I really try to avoid fear and blame. It is too easy to stimulate reactions in people like: "if you think there are too many people, why don't you just kill yourself" and very hard to elicit rational responses. It all goes back to the struggle over territory and resources between clans, races and nations that still haunts us. Until we see the human race as one people, we will have this kind of reaction. As you say, we need love to implement real solutions.

I like to avoid any solutions that are coercive because I don't think they are necessary. Incentives, economic and otherwise are much better. I think China got away with the one-child rule in the majority Han population because this population shared an ethnic identity and so the one child limit did not trigger fears of racism or genocide.

I think that fear around population issues is natural, given human history, but we must get over it. The only anger I feel is toward religious leaders like the Pope who have so much influence and use it to keep people reproducing at the maximum rate. This is suicidal and must be resisted. See an excellent article by Nicholas Kristof called Religion and Women in the NYT:

nice article

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